Sky3DS Flashcard / Jailbreak compatible with 3DS

Sky3DS Flashcard / Jailbreak compatible with 3DS
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Sky3DS sold out / Newer Version availble: Get Sky3DS+ here, new Version, new Features, better... more
Product information "Sky3DS Flashcard / Jailbreak compatible with 3DS"

Sky3DS sold out / Newer Version availble: Get Sky3DS+ here, new Version, new Features, better Game Support

Attention: This Version of the Sky3DS doesn't support newer games. Please check out the new Version named Sky3DS+ here.



Sky3DS Flashcard / Jailbreak for Nintendo 3DS

Sky3DSSky3DS is a flashcard compatible with the 3DS. The Sky3DS flashcard uses a microSD Card to store the firmware files, backups as well as save data from the games themselves. To install the Sky3DS simply insert it like any other 3DS Card and launch the application from within the menu. We recommend to order the Sky3DS flashcard for the Nintendo 3DS with an additional microSD card. You can currently choose between a 8GB and a 16GB card. Because the Sky3DS can store several backups at once a bigger microSD card is a good choice. We recommend a card with at least 8GB of storage. Customers who don’t want to be restricted by file sizes should choose the 16GB model. The Sky3DS can handle microSD card with up to 128GB of storage.

Sky3DS: Play Backups of your 3DS Games

The Sky3DS currently supports all 3DS models as well as the New 3DS up until the most recent firmware version V10.3.0-28. The team behind the Sky3DS is actively developing updates for the flashcard. New firmware updates that add support for newer games and fix bugs are getting released on a regular basis and can be obtained from the official website or directly from us.

Sky3DS: Fast Setup & Easy Usage

The inital setup of the Sky3DS is quite easy. You can find a detailed tutorial under the „Downloads & Tutorials“ section on the top of this product description. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us. You will need a windows pc or notebook and an microSD card. The Sky3DS comes bundles with an microSD cardreader which can be connected through USB to your machine. You will also need the Sky3DS software which can be obtained directly from our downloads section at no additional cost.

Ready for New 3DS and New 3DS XL

The Sky3DS Flashcard works on all currently available 3DS handhelds. These includes the 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL and also the 2DS. You can also run backups of New 3DS exclusives on the card. 


Sky3DS Shop

Sky3DS Important Facts

  • Easy to use with Plug & Play
  • Multi-ROM support (store several games on one microSD card)
  • Supports all 3DS system versions (Including the latest V9.9.0-26)
  • Works for all 3DS consoles, New 3DS / XL, 3DS / XL, 2DS (EU, US, JAP)
  • Online games work fine
  • Compatible with any microSD (HC) card, supported sizes are 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128GB 

This is delivered with the Sky3DS

  • Sky3DS Flash Card with MicroSD Card Reader
  • optional 8GB or 16GB MicroSD card with preinstalled software for Sky3DS


How many games can be stored on the Sky3DS?

Games get stored on the internal microSD card of the Sky3DS. On older versions of the Sky3DS there was a limit of 10 games on one microSD card. With the new version of the Sky3DS which we currently offer you wont run into this limit. If you want to store more then 10 games you should however get a bigger microSD card.

Does the Sky3DS Support eShop Games?

No, Sky3DS only supports retail games that are backed up into the .3ds file format. The .cia format that eShop Games use is not supported.

Does the Sky3DS Support old DS / DSi Games?

No, you will need an old DS Flashcard to launch backup DS and DSi Games on the Nintendo 3DS. A great card for that would be the CycloDS which supports the Nintendo 3DS with its newest firmware update.

Can I save my games that are launched by the Sky3DS

Yes, the Sky3DS puts savegame data diretly on the microSD card. From there you can backup your gamesave or load it.

Can I cheat on my games with the Sky3DS?

No, the Sky3DS doesn’t directly support homebrew or cheats. As a Sky3DS user you can take advantage of the Ninjhax 3DS Homebrew Exploit which enables you to load homebrew files or modify gamefiles. 

Is this a clone or a real version of the Sky3DS

We only sell real Sky3DS flashcards and no clones, thats also the reasn why we are listed as a reseller on the official Sky3DS website. 

Can i use this flashcard with my New Nintendo 3DS?

Yes, the Sky3DS Flashcard works on the New 3DS Handhelds and also supports backups of games that are exclusive to the new revision (Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for example).

How can i make backups of my 3DS games?

You can either use a 3DS handheld with a lower firmware which enalbes you to use some homebrew applications or you can buy our NEO SMS 4 which enables you to create backups of 3DS games with a normal PC. The NEO SMS 4 comes with a little USB Dongle and the required software on disc. 

Sky3DS Installation and Usage Tutorial

This tutorial is for the newest “Blue” version... more

Sky3DS Installation and Usage Tutorial

This tutorial is for the newest “Blue” version of the Sky3DS that we currently offer. If you own a Sky3DS with a red button you can only use a limited number of ROMs on one microSD card at a time. Otherwise this tutorial should also be usable by you.

What you will need

  1. Sky3DS Flashcard
  2. microSD card with at least 4GB of Space, we recommend 16GB
  3. DiskWriter Version 2.02b1
  4. Installed .NET Framework 4.0+ from Microsoft
  5. The newest Template File
  6. 3DS Explorer v.

Template File Version Updates

There is a new Sky3DS Template file available for Download
(Also note that Sky3DS now also supports Firmware 3DS Firmware 10.1.0-27)

The current Sky3DS Flashcard Firmware / Template File:
Released on 08/21/2015 Download

Older Sky3DS Firmwares / Template Files
Released on 08/19/2015 Download
Released on 08/10/2015 Download

Sky3DS Tools Clarification

In order to use a microSD card with the Sky3DS the card needs to be formatted in a certain way. To accomplish this we need the DiskWriter in its newest version. The template file that often gets talked about in regards to the Sky3DS holds several information's about the games that are compatible with the Sky3DS. The Team behind the Sky3DS is actively working on new releases of the template files but its still possible that you will need to wait a few days until a newly released game is compatible with the Sky3DS.

Its recommended that you use the 3DS Explorer in order to trim your 3DS Backups. This saves a lot of space on your microSD card while not limiting you in any way.


Trimming 3DS Games for the Sky3DS Tutorial

In order to save some space on the microSD card of you Sky3DS you can trim your backups. Trimming always poses the risk of damaging your backed up  game so please keep an additional backup of your game in its original form. By trimming your ROM you can sometimes save several hundred of MB per file enabling you to use the storage of your microSD card more efficiently.

Download the 3DS Explorer in its newest version (linked above under the section “What you will need”. Unpack the contents of the .zip file and unpack them to a folder of your choice. After that you need to launch the 3DSExplorer.exe. 


Now we need to load up a .3ds ROM. In order to do this you can select a ROM through “File”-> “Open” or simply drag and drop a ROM directly into the top left box of the 3DS Explorer. 


Click on “CCI” and then on “Trim CCI”. 3DS Explorer now asks you to make a backup of the file in case the trimming damages the ROM. If you haven’t already made a backup now is the time. 


After “Trim CCI” is finished click on “CCI” again and select “Remove Update Data”. After these two steps your ROM should be a lot smaller.

We are now ready to use our ROM with the Sky3DS.

Sky3DS Tutorial

Let’s get to the interesting part of the tutorial. As mentions above your microSD card needs to be formatted in a special way in order to save backups of your Nintendo 3DS Games in a way that is compatible to the Sky3DS. To do this you need to use the DiskWriter (Linked above under “Things we will need”). Download the file and start the DiskWriterV202b1.exe. You will also find the official instructions in the Download-File of the DiskWriter.

The Sky3DS comes with a  microSD USB Card Reader. Put your microSD card into the card reader and plug it into one of the USB ports of your computer. Wait until Windows installs the drivers for the new external storage device. After the microSD card gets displayed under “Computer” on your machine you can launch the DiskWriter. The DiskWriter now presents you with a little window in which it displays all external storage devices that are currently connected though a USB port. Make sure that you select the right device, if you chose a connected USB-Stick it will get formatted and data can be lost. Choose the microSD card of your Sky3DS and click “Go!”


You need to launch DiskWriter with administrator rights (right click on the .exe file and select "Run as Administrator". If you have administrator rights on your machine but DiskWriter still won’t load check if you have installed the Microsoft .NET Framwork 4.0+ linked above. 


Click on “OK” to confirm this message. The DiskWriter should launch now. 


Since this is our first time using the Disk Writer and our Sky3DS we need to format the microSD card with the correct file system. To do this we go to “File” -> “Format”.


DiskWriter for Sky3DS now presents us with another warning message that tells us that the storage device will now get formatted and all data currently on it will get lost. Click on “Yes” to confirm, DiskWriter now asks again for permission the format, click on “Yes” again. If everything worked you will get another little message telling you that the format was successful. 




We are now able to copy backup Roms of our Nintendo 3DS games to our microSD card. Before we can start the copy process we will need to add the template file which holds several information's about games that are compatible with the Sky3DS. To do this we need to go to “Options” -> “Change Template”. 


We are now able to copy backup Roms of our Nintendo 3DS games to our microSD card. Before we can start the copy process we will need to add the template file which holds several informations about games that are compatible with the Sky3DS. To do this we need to go to “Options” -> “Change Template”. 


Your template file should now be displayed in the lower status bar under “Template File”. We are now ready to copy our first ROM. To do this click on “File”-> “Write”. You now need to select the previously trimmed 3DS Rom for the Sky3DS. DiskWriter will now give you a “Important Message” window that gets displayed every time you load a ROM. Click on “Yes” to start copying the rom onto your microSD card. 



The writing process can take several minutes. After it’s finished you get your previously copied rom displayed in the DiskWriter. This means your ROM was successfully saved onto the microSD card and can now be used with the Sky3DS. Unlike with the first version of the Sky3DS the newer Blue Version we currently offer can hold as many games as your microSD card can hold.


Please note that the Sky3DS puts game saves directly onto the microSD card. You can backup the savedata through “File” -> “Backup Save Data”. You can also restore savedata by going to “File” -> “Restore Save Data”.

 You can now close the DiskWriter, eject the microSD card reader and put the microSD card into the Sky3DS. Now put the Sky3DS into your Nintendo 3DS / 2DS and turn on the handheld. The blue light on the Sky3DS should start flickering which indicated that it starts to load the first of the previously copied games. As soon as the Nintendo 3DS has booted you should see the first game on the Sky3DS already loaded. You can launch the game by simply pressing “A” on the handheld. If you want to switch to the next game you will need to hold the blue button on the top of the Sky3DS flashcard for several seconds. 

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Customer evaluation for "Sky3DS Flashcard / Jailbreak compatible with 3DS"
1 Oct 2015

pretty cool

I found this thing a few weeks ago. i didn't touch my 3ds for a few months, now its in my pocket every day. it works like a charm, would buy again!

23 Sep 2015

im happy

The Sky3DS works as advertised. It supports the newest firmware. Theres a little playing around involved in getting the games to work but nothing too bad is involved.

5 Aug 2015

The best Flashcard for the 3DS

Got my Sky3DS a month ago. It's a great flashcard that plays fine with all games. There is a little lurning curve and some tools you will need to install on your pc to get the card working. I spend about 30 minutes on the tutorial that is posted here and got my first backup to work. The support on this site was also great, thanks for the help! Shipping could have been a little faster otherwise im happy :)

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