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Sky3DS+ is the newest Flashcard compatible with 3DS consoles. This new revision of the Sky3DS... more
Product information "Sky3DS+ Flashcard compatible with 3DS"

Sky3DS+ is the newest Flashcard compatible with 3DS consoles. This new revision of the Sky3DS features improved game compatibility and a noticeable improved usability. The 3DS compatible Flashcard offers support for the newest games, backups get stored on a microSD card. Thanks to its new ease of use you will no longer need to use Third-Party Software in order to copy your backups to the Sky3DS+, simply connect your card with with USB to your PC or Mac, Format your microSD cardto FAT32 and you are ready to go.


Sky3DS+ Facts

  • Supports all new games released with AP Security Checks (games that got released after Nov. 2015)
  • Incorporates all features of the normal Sky3DS – Play Backups, Import / Export Save Data
  • Compatible with all 3DS handhelds and firmware versions (3DS, New 3DS, XL and 2DS)
  • Switch back and forth between games with the help of the two new buttons located directly on the Sky3DS+
  • No third party software required in order to copy games to the microSD card
  • Built-in microSD Adapter – Connect Sky3DS+ directly to your PC or Mac
  • Future Proof thanks to an upgradeable Firmware

Better Game Compatibility – AP Checks solved

The all new plus version of Sky3DS includes all features of the normal Sky3DS. In addition the Sky3DS+ also supports newer games that come with AP security checks. These new games don’t work on the classic Sky3DS but are able to run on Sky3DS+.  Thanks to the Firmware Upgrade Feature you can expect regular updates that further improve game support.

The Plus version of Sky3DS also offers the possibility to backup and even import Save Game Files. Thanks to the compatibility to even the newest Firmware versions of 3DS handhelds you can even play your backups online.  

Better Usability and more Features

New Sky3DS+ features two buttons on its case which are used to switch back and forth between games. This makes selecting the desired game faster and easier. Thanks to improved hardware and an improved software the backups itself also load faster which leaves you with an overall better experience. You also won’t need third party software in order to copy your backups to the microSD card. Simply connect your card to a PC or MAC and copy your files directly in windows.

You will no longer have to download the latest gamelist.bin file in order to play backups of your newer games. The Team behind Sky3DS have found a far better solution for this thanks to the firmware upgrade feature.

sky3dsplus1Future Proof thanks to Firmware Updates

Another big plus of the New Sky3DS is the firmware update feature. This feature enables the developers behind the flashcard to release newer versions of the Sky3DS+ firmware to further improve game compatiblity, add new features or fix bugs. Simply connect your Sky3DS+ to your PC or MAC and copy the firmware update to your flashcard. Sky3DS+ comes preinstalled with the first version of the firmware.

Emulators, Homebrew Games and more

Sky3DS+ also supports homebrew apps like emulators or homebrew games. You can use all available homebrew tools without the risk of bricking your Sky3DS+. Feel free to use Homebrew Enables like NinjHax and others.

Play Imports

Another great feature of the Sky3DS+ flashcard is it’s compatibility with Import Games. Let’s say you are interested in playing the newest RPG directly from Japan on your US 3DS handheld. Normally your 3DS will not play these games thanks to Region Locking. With  Sky3DS+ you can load these kinds of games. Please keep in mind that even though Sky3DS+ can load these games, you can’t expect imported games to come with localization.


New Sky3DS+ FAQ

What microSD cards can i use with Sky3DS+?

The new Sky3DS supports standard microSD cards like the ones you can use with your smartphone. If you want better performance or more storage you can also use microSD SHDC cards. Please note that you have to format your microSD card to FAT32 in order for it to work with the Sky3DS+.

What about storage? How much storage should my microSD card offer?

We recommend that you use a microSD card with at least 16GB of storage. Tests have shown that SanDisk cards perform the best with Sky3DS+, other cards tend to sometimes don’t get recognized by the flashcard which can cause some problems while in use. Bigger storage will enable you to copy a couple of backups to your card. If you wan’t to have more games on the Sky3DS you can get a 16GB card or even bigger ones. Thanks to the two new buttons on the Sky3DS+ selecting your games is a lot easier and faster on larger backup libraries.

Do backups of newer 3DS games work with this card?

Yes, Sky3DS+ supports the new AP security checks. The card also features firmware updates which the developers behind Sky3DS+ can use to further improve game compatiblity.

What models of the 3DS are supported by Sky3DS+?

Sky3DS+ currently supports all models and all firmware versions of the 3DS. This includes the 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS and New 3DS XL. You can use the card on the newest firmware version without any problems.

Do i need special software to copy my backups to the microSD card?

No, Sky3DS+ can now be used without the need of any third party software. Simply drag&drop your games directly onto the microSD card. 

Can I play backups of my games online with Sky3DS+?

Yes, Sky3DS+ is compatible with the most recent firmware version of 3DS handhelds which enables you to use it’s online features. Please note that online play is only recommended on backups of your own games.


Table of Contents

1. Sky3DS+ microSD Card... more

Table of Contents

1. Sky3DS+ microSD Card Setup
2. Sky3DS+ Firmware Upgrade
3. Copy games to your Sky3DS+
4. Trim Games to fit FAT32
5. Change private header of games
6. Modding your Sky3DS+ LED colors


Sky3DS+ microSD Card Setup

The setup process of the Sky3DS+ is rather simple. You no longer need Third Party software in order to copy your backups to the flashcard. To get your microSD card ready to work with Sky3DS+ you will need to format the drive to FAT32. You can use the Windows Explorer to format the card but we recommend the use of the SanDisk SD Card Formatter in its newest version. The tool works on both Windows and Mac.

SD Formatter 4.0 Download

Download and install SD Formatter 4.0. Before we launch the application you should connect your microSD card to your PC or Mac. You can either use the Sky3DS+ itself to connect your microSD card or a any normal microSD USB Adapter to do the same. Please note that a standalone microSD USB Adapter has far better performance in comparison to the onboard solution.

As soon as you connected your microSD card you can launch the SD Formatter 4.0 and should be greeted with the following screen. 


The Formatter should automatically select your microSD card. Since we will format the select drive its recommended that you double check wheter the drive letter really corresponds to the microSD card you want to format. In order to start the Format to FAT32 simply click the “Format” button in the bottom of the window. You will get two security questions which you will need to accept. There are no additional settings that need to be made. If your microSD card isn’t being displayed by the SD Formatter click the “Refresh” button right beside the Drive Letter selection.

The Format itself should only take a few moments. After the format is complete you should get the following message. 


Confirm the above message by clicking on “OK”. Your microSD card is now ready.


Sky3DS+ Firmware Upgrade Tutorial

Your Sky3DS+ card gets shipped out with the first version of the firmware version preinstalled. Since the developers of the flashcard are actively working on improving game compatibility and other aspects of the card we recommend to first install the newest firmware version. You can always get the latest firmware version from the official website which can be found here

The update file comes packed as a .zip which contains the update itself. Extract the contents of the firmware update zip file directly to the root folder of your microSD card. Our setup should now look something like this. Please Note that the firmware version we used in this tutorial also came with a settings.txt file which we also copied directly to the root folder. 


To start the firmware update you will need to connect your Sky3DS+ to your PC or Mac with the help of the microUSB cable that comes with the flascard.  Make sure that the connection is solid on both ends. The firmware update process only takes a few seconds and is indicated on the card itself by the red and green LED. Your card will first show the red LED. After a few moments the green LED starts flashing. The update process is complete as soon as no LED is active. After the update was successfully its recommended  to remove the firmware.bin file from the microSD card.

NOTE: Don’t unplug your Sky3DS+ from your PC or Mac while the update is in process. Aborting the update process will permanently brick your Sky3DS+ flashcard. Give the card enough time to perform a save update and don’t rush things. If you have any open questions about the update process feel free to contact us.


How to copy games to Sky3DS+

After the firmware upgrade you will no longer need the gamelist.bin file on your microSD card. This means that you can now start to copy your .3ds backup files directly to the microSD card root folder. Once you copied all your games to the card you can unplug your Sky3DS+ or your microSD card reader from your pc or mac  and plug the card into your 3DS. After a few seconds your 3DS handheld should display one of your games. You can now use the two buttons on the card itself to switch back and forth between your backups. The first time Sky3DS+ loads a game it automatically creates a Save File called “gamename.sav”. This file holds all of your save games for that game. Always backup the save files before formatting your microSD card or you will loose your games progress.  Besides the .sav file Sky3DS Plus also creates a .cfg file. This file holds basic informations about the backup like for example the private header. We will talk more about the private header in the following chapters.


Sky3DS+ Trim Games to fit FAT32

One of the things you will run into right after you are ready to start with your new Sky3DS+ Flashcard is the file size limit per ROM. FAT32 supports file sizes up to 4GB, anything above that can not be copied to the microSD card. Some Backups of larger games can be larger then 4GB leaving you unable to copy these kinds of games to your card. There are methods to copy larger files to FAT32 but those will most likely not work with Sky3DS+. We can however trim the backup file. Game Backups often also hold update data like System Updates that are required in order to run the game itself. These files are several 100s of MB in size and can be deleted without a problem. The Tool you will need to do this is called 3DSExplorer. 

Download 3DSExplorer

Download and run the 3DSExplorer. This tool lets you look inside of a .3ds backup file and also comes with some handy features like trimming. Once you started the tool you can drag and drop your backup into the tool. After doing so 3DS Explorer will display some information’s about your backup. 



The Trim Feature can be found under the menu item „CCI“. Before you trim any part of your backup be sure to store another backup of your original since trimming can make the ROM you are using unusable. 3DSExplorer isn’t going to ask you where you want the changed file to be saved. It rather automatically saves the changes directly to the file. 


You can perform the “Trim CCI” as well as “Remove Update Data”. These two steps should change the size of your ROM to something under the 4GB datacap. If the trimmed backup doesn’t load after the trimming, you can go back to your original backup and only run “Trim CCI” and test if it works from there. Most of of the ROMs don’t have a problem with trimming, others will not boot. Some tinkering around with the file should do the trick though. 


Sky3DS+ Private Header Settings

Each 3DS game has a unique identifier that basically acts like a license key. If you chose to play your backups online your 3DS will send informations like Unique_ID and Cart_ID of the current game to Nintendo. Be sure to only go online with games that really hold the unique_id of your own game, otherwise you run the risk of  getting banned from the Nintendo Network permanently. You can enter your Unique_ID in the .CFG file that automatically got created by your Sky3DS+ flashcard.


Sky3DS+ Modding: Chane the LED color

Thanks to the settings.txt file that gets stored on your microSD card you can mod some aspects of your Sky3DS+. If you open upo the settings.txt file on your PC or Mac you see several variables that can be changed by you. Please keep in mind that changing the settings in the settings.txt can interfere with the basic functionality of your Sky3DS Plus Flashcard so always keep a backup of the standard settings somewhere on your machine.

The things we can change about the Sky3DS+ is the status colors  that get shown when there is activity on the Sky3DS+ or the color when Sky3DS+ reads or saves data to or from your microSD card. These colors are stored as HEX code. Example: The default color for the Activity LED is “008000” which corresponds to a darker green. If you wan’t the activity  LED to be purple you can change the value to C390D4. After you click save and plug the card back into your 3DS you should see the new colors in action. Check out where you can get HEX codes for other colors. 

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15 Feb 2016


Im very happy with this solution. Works as advertised although copying over the Sky3DS+ itself is a little slow. Other then that a great product!

12 Feb 2016

Very good shop!

Very good support, very good shipping and very reasonable price! Would buy again!

18 Jan 2016

Nice card

Works great on my system. On the first boot i had to plug the card in and out a few times until it worked. Now it boots up straight away. Would buy again!

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