Modbo 4.0 Modchip compatible with PS2

Modbo 4.0 Modchip compatible with PS2
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The Modbo 4.0 Modchip compatible with  PlayStation 2  einables you to play backups of... more
Product information "Modbo 4.0 Modchip compatible with PS2"

The Modbo 4.0 Modchip compatible with PlayStation 2 einables you to play backups of your games on CD, DVD or DVD-9.  The Modchips is compatible with all PlayStation 2 models with a version number between V5 and V16. If you want to find out what PS2 version you currently own you should check out our guide on how to identify your console version. The Modbo 4.0 is a cheaper alternative to other PS2 Modchips while offering the same features. Please note that basic soldering skills are required in order to install the Modbo 4.0 Modchip. You can find all required informations about the installation under our „Downlodas & Tutorials“ section tab.

Besides the possibility to play backups of PlayStation 2 games Modbo 4.0 also enables you to play imports from PS2 and PS1 games. Imports play with the original resolution and also use the right colors. If you want to go online you can choose to use the stealth mode oft he Modbo 4.0 in order to hide the modchip and don’t risk a ban from the online services. Modbo also turns your PlayStation 2 into a full fledged region free DVD Player that also has a disabled Macrovision protection. There is also the „green fix“, so you won’t have to change die AV-Cables. The Modchip works on all regional versions of the PS2 (V5 to V16).

The Modbo 4.0 Modchips also offers several stability features which for example keep the chip from overheating thanks to the sleep mode or a long lifetime thanks to quality components.  

Please Note: The production of PlayStation 2 Modchips is getting smaller and smaller by the month. We try to still keep stock but we can’t guarantee that this chip will still be available in a few months from now. If you are interessted in this product we recommend you to buy it sooner then later.

 Modbo 4.0 Modchip Features

  • Automatic "MACROVISION=OFF" on all PS2 from V3 to V16 without additional wires
  • Automatic "green fix" (no more need to change the cable to see your DVD movies on the PS2)
  • Imports games fix (all PSX import games are played at full screen and full color
  • Stealth-mode (the modchip can be switched off and becomes invisible to online gaming)
  • Sleep-mode (the modchip will switch off itself after boot)
  • Supports DVD-9 games
  • Plays all CD's and DVD's games (both, import or backup's)
  • Supports multi-disk games
  • Supports anti-mod PS1 games (only for V9 - V16 PS2)
  • Very reliable (all the Modchips are 100% tested before delivery)
  • Very stable (thanks to sleep mode the IC will never overheat)
  • CD lens safe (avoid CD lens damage by sending un-necessary signal to drive controller)
  • Supports DEV1 and DEV2 for memory card booting
  • Fully compatible with ps2 v1-v16 PAL / USA / Jap
  • Upgraded from modbo3.0, comes with original 100% v1.88 firmware, but it isn't upgradeable
  • Comes with mini size board and the wiring point order is good for installation
  • Automatic selection for PS2/PS1/DVD supports
  • DVD region free incorporated
  • Software selectable "PS2 Quick Load" option. (to skip PS2 logo and Quick boot PS2 games)
  • Software selectable "PSX Quick Load" option (to skip PS1 logo and Quick boot PSX games)
  • Easy to install (only 18 wires for V1-V8 and 20 wires for V9, V10, V11, V12, V13)
  • CPLD chip (3.3V power supply) based IC for enhanced stability

This is delivered:

  • Modbo 4.0 Modchip


PS2 Disassembly Guides

In order to install the Modbo 4.0 PS2 Modchip you will need to... more

PS2 Disassembly Guides

In order to install the Modbo 4.0 PS2 Modchip you will need to disassemble your console. We have several tutorials for this. Please select the tutorial for your hardware version. 

Modbo 4.0 Diagrams & Tutorials

SCPH-77002 GH-051-02


SCPH-7701 INI-02


SCPH-7706 INI-02


SCPH 900xx GH-071-42




SCPH 90002 / 90000 / 90001 Verson 18 GH-70-42


75000 GH-036-51 und 75001 GH-40-51 V14


75004 GH-40-11, 75006 GH-040-12, 75010 GH-040-51


SCPH-75010 GH-040-12, SCPH-75004 GH-040-11, SPCH-75006 GH-040-12 und SCPH-75007 GH-040-12 / GH-040-02


Modbo 4.0 für V13 und V15


Modbo 4.0 für PS2 V16


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